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Think your city or town is doing a terrible job with urban planning? Take yourself back to medieval times and show them how it's done in Builders of Blankenburg.

It's the year 1123 and a new count has arrived to manage the countryside. People are flocking to the settlement and you are one of many people working to build up the town and make a name for yourself. 

Just don't go building for the sake of building. As in real life, the citizens of Blankenburg have requests for what they want to be built and will vote with their money. Generate income so you can continue to build and become the most prestigious builder of Blankenburg!

This game is friendly for children and hardcore gamers alike. There's a reason why this game is critically acclaimed and often sold out so pick one up while you can.

 # of Players Playing Time
2 - 5 60 - 90 minutes