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Sometimes all that's required to break the ice with a group of strangers is a lively game that's fun, quick, and easy to play. 

Codenames is guaranteed to take the awkwardness of having new guests over or to jumpstart a night in with your friends!

The premise is that two teams led by a spymaster go head to head. The two spymasters know the identities of spies while their teammates only know the agents by their codenames. The team that makes contact with all of their agents first wins. Pretty simple right?

The catch is that spymasters can only give one-word clues and a number to help their teammates know how many agents their clue refers to. Spymasters beware. If you aren't careful, you may just make contact with an assassin... and you're dead.

Codenames: win or lose, you will have a blast. 

 # of Players Age Playing Time
2 - 8 14+ 15 minutes