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Attention all aspiring entrepreneurs, business school students or just hardcore strategy fans!

If you ever thought of owning a business or think you'll be a Fortune 500 CEO someday, let's see if your brain has the raw horsepower to succeed. This game is no ordinary strategy game, but rather a business simulation.

Food Chain Magnate is a heavy strategy game about, you guessed it, a fast food chain! You are the CEO and must make critical business decisions to grow your company. Do you have what it takes to handle the stress and pressure of the job?

You'll need to build out your team real quick. Hire your CFO and other executives all the way down to the line cooks. Not only are you in charge of human resources, you'll have to make difficult decisions around purchasing, marketing, and sales.

Oh, and if you do poorly, don't try to pin your pitiful result on how unlucky you were. Food Chain Magnate has no element of luck. It's just you vs other entrepreneurs making business decisions in a competitive and sometimes cutthroat world.

 # of Players Playing Time
2 - 5 120+ minutes


Limit 1 per customer