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"Liberty! Equality! Eclairs!" The glorious revolution has done away with tyranny! Now you and your friends make up the Revolutionary Committee, overseeing justice throughout the land. Still, now that the queen's gone, it would be a shame to let all that cake go to waste...

Become the first among equals by amassing honor! Become happy by amassing cake! Send your friends' pawns to the guillotine! First to forty cakes wins!

Let Them Eat Cake is a game of committees, coercion, and cake. Elect your friends to positions of power in the hope that they look on your patronage favorably - or denounce them as enemies of the revolution. Alliances and betrayal are all fair game as you try to amass as much cake as you can before the revolution collapses.

This game of honor and pastry places players at the highest levels of France's Revolutionary Committee, at its time of greatest crisis: deciding who gets to keep Marie Antoinette's leftover cakes and whose pawns get sent to the guillotine!

 # of Players Age Playing Time
3 - 6 12+ 45 - 60 minutes