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Onitama is a simple game to learn but difficult to master. This is a masterpiece of modern abstract games and is widely considered a must have in every gamer's collection. 

It pits you in a head to head match against your opponent. Your objective is to capture your opponent's Master or move your Master to your opponent's temple. Both players have 2 cards each facing up. A fifth card is faced up but it can't be used by any player. Play one of your two cards and replace it with the fifth card. Be careful though. Your opponent will receive the card you just played after their next move.

Formulate a strategy, think several moves ahead, and you quickly realize the possible outcomes grow rapidly. The deck of cards with special moves makes each game different as the combination of moves available is random. 

You know exactly what moves your opponent can make. Can you outsmart your opponent when both of you have perfect information?


 # of Players Age Playing Time
2 8+ 10+ minutes